Anti-Aging Hydration Sheet Mask

prO-care | Hydration Sheet Mask

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prO-care Hydrating sheet Mask is a product that is exceptionally rich in moisturizing agents (hyaluronic acid*). It provides deep, long-lasting rehydration. Its innovative formula with high concentration of Urea to balance the skin's water content and PH, glycerin is a skin identical repairing ingredient instantly smoothes the skin, hyaluronic acid quenches the skin's hydration needs and diminishes small dehydration wrinkles. Your skin becomes supple and visibly repulped.

Its revolutionary galenic formula, a transparent cotton film that perfectly adheres to your face, is easy and pleasant to use.

Can be used as a thorough treatment over a few weeks or from time to time as an immediate skin repair product.

 Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our bodies. It presents no risk 

 of allergies and or overdosage.

 Box of 3 Masks mono measure of 22 ml


  • hyaluronic acid, an exceptional dose of this hydrating and repulping
  •  agent.
  •  Fight against dry skin, small dehydration wrinkles and a dull.
  •  complexion
  •  Repairs and deeply moisturizes your skin for a smooth and exceptionally 
  •  radiant complexion.
  •  Can be used for all types of skin, whether young or mature, sensitive 
  •  or weakened. Hyaluronic acid is not allergenic and presents 
  •  no risks of overdosage.
  •  Box of 3 Masks mono measure of 22 ml

 Directions of Use:

 Unfold the mask and delicately apply to a thoroughly clean face. Remove the white film and leave on the act for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the transparent film and massage with the excess product into your skin for greater penetration.

With a few simple movements and no need to remain still, offer your skin optimal care with immediate results.

Beauty tip : Think about applying any serum left behind in the sachet to your neck, decollete and hands



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