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      • Cosmetic formulations: the active and the inactive ingredients

        Active ingredients in a cosmetic formula carry out an action on the skin compatible with the results they claim to deliver. They either fight free radical damage, fight inflammation, enhance collagen production, prevent and reverse photo aging, oppose glycation, assist in cell regeneration or help speed cell turnover.Inactive ingredients are...

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      • The importance of serums in skin care

        Excerpts from: "The Truth About Facial Serums"By Shelley LevittReviewed by Mohiba Tareen, MDWebMD Magazine - Feature"Faster and lighter are the qualities many of us look for in a car, a laptop, and our bodies when we're running a marathon. They're also the prized attributes of skin care serums -- light,...

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      • Sensitive or sensitized skin?

        Sensitive skin is a skin type a person is born with. It is most common amongst fair skinned individuals and is characterized by easy flushing, low tolerance to sun exposure and is generally dry and fine in texture. Sensitized skin on the other hand is a skin condition brought on...

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      • Skin care during cold weather

        After the sun, cold weather is the worst enemy of your skin and contributes greatly to skin aging.  Cold dry weather strips the skin of moisture making it fragile and dehydrated.  Dehydration stresses the skin exposing it to various inflammatory disorders.  Dehydration and inflammation are two main triggers in skin...

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      • How to decide on a skin care product?

        Invariably it is the magic of marketing that influences our decision or the recommendation of a skin care professional.  In principle, most of us do not know enough to decide which product works better or why, and many of us do not have the time or inclination to learn.  Considering...

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    Welcome to SkincCareAficionado, the resource for advanced skin care.  Suppliers of prO-care sheet masks and Elixir Cellular Renewal concentrate, as well as Medicaderm select line of cosmeceuticals.  Both lines are from France and are used and sold at the finest skin clinics and spas across Europe such as: the renowned Clinique Elysee Montaigne in Paris. Both product lines target specific skin needs and are designed and formulated for maximum effectiveness.  Our sérums have an aqueous base allowing maximum absorption and penetration into the skin while holding the highest possible concentration of nutrients and antioxidants. Our prO-care sheet masks are made from a thin transparent and breathable cotton sheet.  This thin veil is designed to adhere to the face comfortably making it easy to sleep or relax with the mask on.  The breathable nature of the cotton sheet allows the skin to absorb the ingredients almost entirely.  An immediate repulping and firming effect is observed equivalent to a professional cosmetic enhancement.  It is the best treatment after a plane ride as well as after exercise, sun exposure or during the cold dry weather.  Our MedicaDerm cream is a skin repair cream with  key anti-inflammatory and collagen building ingredients: Centella Asiatica, Alpha Bisabolol, Omega 6 Ceramide, aloe and chamomile, designed for all skin types but is particularly beneficialfor sensitive skin or after resurfacing treatments.  Both men and women will benefit from these intelligently conceived products that are practical and easy to use while providing instantaneous professional results in the comfort of your own home.

    We invite you to try them and hope to include you in our list of loyal customers